Introducing The Catch-All System

Avsten Roofing & Construction is a well-known and trusted Cincinnati Ohio general contractor. We offer 1-Day Roofing, plus Storm Damage Repair, Replacement Siding, and Windows. We would like to offer you a wonderful product to help protect your home from roofing debris and property damage during your roof replacement. a damaged bush or a nail in a lawnmower tire. Perfect customer satisfaction felt like an impossible goal, but we kept pushing to find a solution.

Why The Catch-All Roofing System?

Well, simply put, the Catch-All roofing system attaches to your siding, gutters, or another part of your home while roofing work is done to prevent property damage.

  • It catches all the falling debris, nails, materials, etc., and keeps it off your lawn, landscaping, and out of the gutters.
  • Tarps cause some major issues: They blow away, burn grass/shrubs, and tear easily. The Catch-All’s Ground and Landscape Nets solve all these problems. They also reduce clean-up time.

The Catch-All system is a protection system for the siding, windows, landscaping, decks, and A/C units of our customers’ homes and businesses. The roofing contractors at Avsten will have the system installed in a matter of minutes.

What Does The Catch-All Do?

Most roofers still use big tarps to catch falling roof replacement debris as it comes down around your flowers and shrubs. Avsten Roofing & Construction, we are excited to announce the new Catch-All System™, a product we have invested in and incorporated into our roof replacement services to better serve you, our customers.

The Catch-All System™ is a protection system for the siding, windows, landscaping, decks, and A/C units of our customer’s homes and businesses. It is installed in a matter of minutes on every roofing job. We are very serious about trying to keep your property clean!

What Does The Catch-All System Allow Us To Do?

The bottom line is that roofing debris can cause property damage. Tarps are not a good solution as the tarp itself can cause property damage. Avsten clients love what the Catch-All system allows the Avsten roofing contractors to do.

  • Protecting siding, windows, landscaping, decks, and gutters from scratching or other damages during the roof tear-off process
  • The Catch-All system saves your plants from getting “cooked” by using breathable tarps
  • Leaving a cleaner, more professional-looking job site
  • Reducing calls back and increasing your satisfaction

Working With Insurance

Avsten Roofing & Construction works with your insurance company. You will be glad to know that we have found our customers have been able to be reimbursed 100% of this cost about 90% of the time. Give Avsten Roofing & Construction Company of Cincinnati the opportunity to work with your insurance company to save you this additional expense of roof replacement debris removal.

The Catch-All

Add the Catch-All landscape protection system to your roofing replacement project. For homes larger than 2800 sq. ft., please call 513-795-7467 to get a custom price based on the number of panels we need to collect roofing debris from your property. Your beautiful landscaping will thank you.

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Protect Your Property

Trust Avsten Roofing & Construction to protect your property from roof debris and damage during your roof replacement. We do it the right way the first time – on time and within your budget. We pride ourselves on solid workmanship and excellent customer service.